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Lyle Morse: News

Podcast/video "Library Out Loud" - August 27, 2018

Performed for the Spokane County Libraries Summer 2018 (Otis Orchards & Cheney Public Library)...because of those performances invited to take part in a video podcast called "Library Out Loud" with exemplary host Jane Baker. Please take the time to view this podcast & listen to a couple of songs, and get more information on my background and musical influences! You'll can link to the podcast here:

Indie Air Radio - April 18, 2018

Now, glad to be in association with a community of independent recording artists sharing streaming radio services, music sales & promotion with musicians from Spokane and beyond at Indie Air Radio. At you can listen, purchase, and most importantly support the music/musicians you love! Would love to have my friends check out my artisit platform on the service! Let's all cruise in this ship together, and thanks for your support!

New CD "Timeless" - May 29, 2017

I have recorded/released a new CD entitled "Timeless". A collection of 12 specially chosen cover tunes with unique arrangements by yours truly. Come and pick a copy up at one of my performances, or order through, Apple/ITunes or My music (and video) can also be found on YouTube by searching Lyle Morse.

Full Production You Tube video released - May 24, 2015

Visit the Lyle Morse You Tube channel to take a look at this full production video of my original song "That's a Good Thing". Filmed at Barrister Winery in Spokane, WA by videographer James Hill of Amplified Wax Recording.
Click on the following link to see it:

"Buffalo Nickels" released !! - October 26, 2013

My new all original compact disc "Buffalo Nickels" is now available at my performances and on-line at Click on the "Buy" icon to check it out ! You can purchase the entire CD, or purchase individual song downloads. Please consider adding some of this music to your personal collection, and thanks !

"Buffalo Nickels" - new all original CD soon to be released ! - September 25, 2013

I am taking the final steps towards releasing yet another CD of all original music entitled "Buffalo Nickels". I expect it to be ready for sale soon! My plan is to make the CD available for purchase at my performances and through this website. It's a stellar collection of acoustic blues and contemporary folk tunes sure to complement your collection of recorded music. It is my desire to have a CD release gathering at one of the outstanding venues in which I perform in the near future. Stand-by, it's a coming, and you won't be disappointed!

Lonesome Lyle now on Facebook - February 10, 2013

Drop in for a visit, access pertinent news, and shop for my music downloads at:

Nance Van Winckel's "Photoems" - May 12, 2012

Spokane photographer & poet Nance Van Winckel has created a unique art form called a "photoem". She uses my music "Lonesome House Blues" as a backdrop for her series of photoems shot in Butte, Montana.
Click on the following link to see it:

"Lonesome" Lyle"s Music now on Internet Radio !! - March 9, 2012

Please take the time to check out selections from my all original CD's "No Remorse" & "Buffalo Nickels" on Jango internet radio. "Lonesome Lyle Morse" radio features my music as well as additional music from related genres of music. A very enlightening way to enjoy music with the same "focus".
Follow this link to "Lonesome" Lyle Morse radio:

"Lonesome" Lyle"s Music and Video on KCDA FM radio - September 25, 2011

I was interviewed and performed on a segment of the KCDA Local Lounge radio show with emcee Matt Loi. You be able to listen to the show and see a great video of me performing an original song "Even After You've Gone". Click on the following link to access this show:

New CD "Holiday Hearts" - October 3, 2010

Available now at my local perfomances is my new CD that is comprised of holiday themed music called "Holiday Hearts". I made this in response to requests by family and many friends for such a collection of music. It contains traditional and some "not so" traditional selections to complement your holiday celebrations and gatherings. It was great fun to produce, and each and every song in the collection is special. Please come to one of my perfomances and consider purchasing some of this great music!

John, a fan & fellow musician writes,
"I just had the pleasure of listening to "Holiday Hearts"...putting on this CD cheers my heart and warms the soul. It's like a cozy fire in the stove, beautifully done, and somehow makes me think of the great times that I have had listening to you down at the Barrister Winery. "Holiday Hearts" is one of my favorite songs in your entire catalog, and a great title for the CD."

New CD "Play that Tune" - July 27, 2008

The audiences at my live appearances frequently ask me to perform certain favorite songs. I have recorded 10 of these tunes and put them on my new CD called "Play that Tune". The CD is only available at my performances. So if you are interested, come and see me playing live! Click on the "Calendar" icon for dates/times of these performances.

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