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Lyle Morse: Press

"Will be hosting singer-songwriter and bluesman Lyle Morse up here on Sugar Mountain for our first house concert of 2018...So excited about having Lyle up to play and love the idea of being able to host someone like him...In addition to being great guy he is a wonderful musician!
Following performance at corporate party:
"As always, we thank you so very much for your beautiful songs. They are a blessing to us all…"
Lori Sherman - Potlatch Corporation (Dec 12, 2015)
Lyle is awesome!
A wonderful style and voice all his own!
I always enjoy Lyle's performances, I'm never disappointed, and as much as I might like to give someone a hard time just for fun, I just can't seem to muster that with Lyle.
Have you ever met someone who is so gentle and kind you find yourself becoming more gentle and kind?
That's Lyle!
Be sure to introduce yourself. Shake Lyle's hand, enjoy his smile, and his energy. Wonderful man!!
Len Volpe - Owner/operator Replay Music in Spokane, WA (Oct 14, 2015)
A remarkable collection of mellow and simply relaxing music. Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.
Mark Wuertz, Sr - Fan review of Lyle Morse's CD (Amazon purchase) "Buffalo Nickels" CD download/purchase (Sep 8, 2015)
I met my lady for the first time at the Coeur d' Alene Resort after talking weeks online! We enjoyed lunch at the resort went up in a small plane that day before an evening enjoying our bottle of wine and cheese tray at the Studio 107. We also enjoyed the blues music from Lyle Morse, who was also so kind to us making our time there like magic! He even closed down with a dedication song called out to just me and my lady... as to which I couldn't but help to ask if she would dance this last song with me! Making this our "FIRST dance together" in a very special place Studio 107!!!
Thank You!
Kent Abbott (Bigfork, MT) & Jennifer (Soon to be Abbott! from Pasco, WA. :)
"hey, hey Lyle!...I like your polish, your passion, your knowledge of blues and repetoire, how you both sing and play harmonica while you play great steady blues riffs."
"You do a great job! Music was wonderful, and just the right touch for our dinner. We appreciated your energy so much!"
Amy Cabe - Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau (Jul 28, 2008)
"Lyle, you are the greatest! Glad you were able to join us for our garden tour. Your music was just perfect. Thank you so much. I have shared your contact information with others"
Bonnie Warwick, president - Coeur d'Alene, ID Garden Club (Jul 26, 2008)
"Thanks for playing at our art exhibition opening...everyone said you were terrific. I hope we can do it again sometime."
David Brum - The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Spokane, WA
"One of the best blues singers I have's rare to encounter someone like Lyle who incorporates "the feeling" into the music."
Ben Roberts - Rickman Gulch Farm
"No fooling around here...Lonesome Lyle Morse is one SERIOUS Inland Empire bluesman."
The Local Planet, a Spokane, WA entertainment weekly
"Top-shelf live acoustic music."
The Inlander, Spokane, WA entertainment weekly
"I loved your music!"
Lyle, your music goes so well with a campfire and a glass of Crown Royale !
fan/follower at Barrister Winery (Nov 1, 2013)
"You are fantastic, my staff and the public love you!"
Katie Byrd - Spokane Clubs and Events Manager, Maryhill Winery (Apr 25, 2018)