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Lyle Morse: Buy

Compact Discs, "Timeless", Buffalo Nickels" & "No ReMorse"

"Timeless" CD, recorded 2017, a collection of 12 specially selected and skillfully arranged cover tunes. Blues-based acoustic songs on guitar, with soulful vocals and harmonica.

"Buffalo Nickels" contains 11 new all original acoustic blues and contemporary folk tunes. Recorded during the summer of 2013. Acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica & some tasty percussion.

"No Remorse" contains 13 original songs. Blues as steely and intense as a scorned lover's stare, as smooth as the feel of black velvet, and as down-home as a jam session on grandma's front porch.

All CD's available through this website via and through multiple other digital music stores such as Amazon & Apple/ITunes.
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