New CD "Holiday Hearts"

Available now at my local perfomances is my new CD that is comprised of holiday themed music called "Holiday Hearts". I made this in response to requests by family and many friends for such a collection of music. It contains traditional and some "not so" traditional selections to complement your holiday celebrations and gatherings. It was great fun to produce, and each and every song in the collection is special. Please come to one of my perfomances and consider purchasing some of this great music! John, a fan & fellow musician writes, "I just had the pleasure of listening to "Holiday Hearts"...putting on this CD cheers my heart and warms the soul. It's like a cozy fire in the stove, beautifully done, and somehow makes me think of the great times that I have had listening to you down at the Barrister Winery. "Holiday Hearts" is one of my favorite songs in your entire catalog, and a great title for the CD."